Story Age: 7 yrs

Timeline length: 50 yrs

Genre: Fantasy

Hello there!

This is a story page we are eternally in the process of making about one of our oldest stories, Imperial!

We have been writing this story for a very very long time meaning the world building is absurdly detailed, the story is all over the place, and the characters are forever our favorites so of course we want to talk about them

Its a story with a lot of fantasy politics, wierd philosophy on allegiance and rebellion, swords, and a ludicrous about of messengers



For some context, all of these major cities exist on the plane of Centura, in which the majority of the story takes place. This continent operates less of a a system of countries but more similarly to that of city states, all of which have their own governence and laws that will likely differ from the others, this is in contrast to the other plane of Auris which has been consolidated into a few major countries, the largest of which is the Aurusian Empire with which centura is largely at war.


This is our home city for the majority of the story. This is where most of our characters are from barring a few. It exists on the center southern most section of the continent in the coastal grasslands. Because of it being largely stationed on the sea, and it being smack dab in the middle of the two southern ends of the continent it has become a travel way point as well as a decent maritime power trade wise. What it lacks in military might it makes up for in making itself indespencable. it is incharge of a large amount of correspondence across the continent with mulitiple messenger agencies, with communications largely being analog and letter based without them and the outpost cross continent communication would largely be shut down.


SpireRidge, sister city to Sirus, is set on the southern most side of the large gulf where both reside. It is on one of the largest military powers on the continent in both land army and maritime might, with its main claim to fame being its gaurd academy, in which some of the best fighters of the continent are sent to train. Along with having one of the largest populations it has one of only a few semi industrialized economies on the continent.


The other half to the pair of sister cities, Sirus lies on the northern most side of their gulf. With a slightly smaller military, it specializes mostly in the maritime aspect of things. Its well known for the large amount of aquatic feranims that reside there, making a lot of the cities transportation methods via canals which can be both swam and boated down. Sirus has a similar amount of industrialization too spireridge but also makes a fair amount of money off of its production of magical goods.


Ironcrest is a city to the southwest of the continent, following the trend of coastal cities its main exports are iron (as the name suggests) and its robust fishing economy. Its seated on top of a swamp to a large majority of the foundations below the city were man made rather than natural, it has a lot of canals and rivers slicing up the city.


Arguable the second most secluded city on the continent, it is to the far north and is ruled by a notably cruel monarchy, with on the only reasons it still has allies being its strong military. Its inhabited mostly by feranims, a fair amount of humans compared to any other city, and a suprising population of fairies and elementals of all stripes.


This is THE most secluded city on the continent and this was done deliberately. It is too the far west in whats "lovingly" called the witches forest. The city was once the magical center of almost every realm but since the war with auris began it has closed its doors to the entirety of centura, being the only still standing city to ally with them. They have the strongest mage population anywhere on the continent of centura so they pose a threat that for once, the other city states cant handle with brute force. The downside too having a population of mostly feranims is that they are entirely incapable of doing magic.