The few pieces I did for Escapril

1.Lost time and alarm clocks

When i opened my eyes i knew you were an idiot for waiting on me. there is a freedom to not being on time but frankly i barely show up anywhere.

My eyes would never open again if i could help it but truly it doesnt matter to you. i wish it did sometimes. Youre an idiot for waiting on me when i never wanted to look at the clock hands again. time is an illusion to remind us of our own deaths but id argue sleep is a better reminder.

I dont need a alarm clock when you make me want to wake up


There is a distinct seperation between the thought of love and the thought of a partner

between a construct and bodies

between thoughts and minds melding

frankly that seperation is ignored

frankly i think people purposefully ignore it

because if they didnt what would be the justification for their lives

they wouldnt have an excuse for why they havent left their unhappy marriage yet

why some predestined ideal of love is a good enough reason to stay

frankly if you cant justify your relationship without that combined concept

you should keep it too yourself and out of my inbox

frankly people love to push those things on me

frankly i think its been happening since i was young

frankly my father knows its never been true but if he recognized it wasnt hed have to apologize to my mother

frankly my family has pushed it on me for years

and frankly im tired

Can we just be friends for today?


Your limbs pull of your body like bread pulls apart

you wonder if this is what its like to be loved and frankly if it is you never want to do it again

there is a humanity to destruction that you can practically taste

you wash off your limbs an dreconfigure them to your body in a way you like better

bodies are more customizable than people like to admit

the recipe is more complicated

the love of it is more harmful

identity is a looking glass that we view ourselves through

mosiacs make more sense wehn you stand back and summarize

the pieces pull apart like bread

sometimes you wonder if you need the looking glass at all. maybe the pieces are enough

there is a humanity too destruction

your limbs pull apart

4.Strange Behavior

i use the word frankly too much

i talk to much about my plans

i need to learn to keep quiet

strange behavior gets one jailed these days

there is little difference between civil resistance and crime in the eye of authority

frankly i wonder when well realize our resistance has got to get less civil

but i need to keep quiet about that

folks might get the wrong idea

my strange behavior aint much compared to some

frankly i could do better

got more skills in it untrained than most get in school

It will get you jailed these days

Id rather just quiet down.